A Unit of the Sisters of St. Anne, Trichirapalli

Reaccredited III time at 'A' Grade by NAAC, with CGPA 3.36

Affiliated to Mother Teresa Womens’ University

Periyakulam – 625 601, Theni District, Tamilnadu, India.

Consumer club

Dr. Mrs. J. Arul Iruthaya Jeyanthi Co-Ordinator
Miss. A. Jaseema Banu Member
Mrs. J. Jasmine Selvapackiam Member
Mrs. Deva Shanthi Member


Make the Students to become the best Consumer.


Dr.J.Arul Irudaya Jeyanthi. Dept. of Tamil.

Programme Officers

Mrs.A.Jasmine Selva Packiam, Dept. of B.B.A.
Miss.A.Jeseema Banu, Dept. of English.
Mrs. Deva Shanthi, Dept. of Zoology.


  • a. To be aware of the rights & duties and the laws of consumers.
  • b.To understand the ways to stop the illegal activities of the traders.
  • c.To create awareness on GST.
    • 5.Enrollment

      S.No Year Students Strength
      1. 2011-2012 55
      2. 2012-2013 55
      3. 2013-2014 55
      4. 2014-2015 55
      5. 2015-2016 55
      6. 2016-2017 55
      7. 2017-2018 55




      S.No Event & Guest lecture Date & Place


      Verse Writing.
      Topic :விளம்பரத்தின் எதிரொலி
      First Prize:X.Vinitha III Tamil.
      Second Prize:V.Kalpana III B.Com C.A
      Third Prize:G.Ganeshwari I M.A Tamil.

      Drawing Writing.
      Topic:விந்தையான சந்தை விரயமாகும் பொருளாதாரம்
      First Prize:J.Vaneeswari II B.Com C.A.
      Second Prize:K.Navapriya III B.Com.
      Third Prize:K.Deepika III B.Com

      Essay Writing.
      Topic:இன்றைய இளைய தலைமுறையின் நுகர்வுக் கலாச்சாரம்
      First Prize:C.Shanmuga Priya III B.Com
      Second Prize:M.Soundarya II B.B.A
      Third Prize:S.Maria Stefy III Physics


      Outdoor Competitions

      Speech Competitions
      Second Prize:A.Claret Subitcha III Maths.

      Identify Competitions
      Third Prize:1.S.Sabina Banu,R.Keerthana III B.A

      24.01.2014,Kanakku Vellayiyammal Girls Hr.Sec. School,Chinnamanur.
      3. Consumer Awareness Campaign: M.Karthika (II Physics Reg) gave eloguent speech on Consumer Awareness to the villagers. 19.07.2014. Periyakulam Surrrounding.
      4. Guest Lecture: “Consumer Rights And Duties” Mr.P.Puthuraja, Head, Consumer guidance cell,Theni. 08.08.2014, J.A.C
      5. Awareness programme: Drama ,speech on adultration. 13.09.2014,Sakkaraippatti.
      6. Guest Lecture : “Consumer Rights and Draw backs of Advertisements” DR. Mrs.Floras Mary, Associate Professor of History,J.A.C. 16.10.2014, J.A.C


      Essay writing
      First Prize: P.Archana 111 UG Computer Science

      Second Prize: G.Renugadevi 1 UG Maths(Reg)

      verse writing:
      First Prize: R.Kayalvizhi 1PGMaths
      Second Prize: A.Anidra I Zoology(Reg)

      12.12.2014 , J.A.C

      Outdoor Competitions

      verse writing Competition:
      First Prize: P.Darani 11 UG Physics (Reg)

      Speech Competition:
      Third Prize:G.Renugadevi 1UGMaths(Reg)

      Finding out Competition:
      Second Prize: P.Mehala1 B.Com

      Presentation convent,Theni.

      In Connection with International Consumer Protection Day, District level Competitions. Conducted by the Civil Supplies Department of Theni District

      9. Exhibition related to Consumers exploitations. 9.2. 2015 . J.A.C
      10. Guest Lecture: “The utility of burning gas” Mr.Rangarajan,Proprietor of Konar gas agency 12.08.2015. J.A.C
      11. Guest Lecture: “Consumer Rights and Duties”. Mr.P.Puduraja, Head, Consumer Guidance Cell ,Theni 14.09.2015. J.A.C
      12. Guest Lecture: “Vanigamae koil, vaadikkaiyalarae Theivam.” Dr.Mrs.Rejina,Assistant Professor of Tamil,J.A.C 08.12.2015. . J.A.C

      Outdoor Competitions

      verse writing Competition:
      Third Prize: R.Kayalvizhi 11 P.G Maths

      Essay writing Competition:
      Third Prize: G.Renugadevi 1UGMaths(Reg)

      Speech Competition:
      Complementry prize: G.Renugadevi 1UGMaths(Reg)

      Finding out Competition:
      Third Prize: R.Susma 11 B.B.A

      14.01.2016 . Collector office,Theni. In Connection with International Consumer Protection Day,
      District level Competitions. Conducted by the Civil Supplies Department of Theni District
      14. Guest Lecture: “Tharakkattuppadu”, Mr.P.Puduraja,Head, Consumer GuidanceCell ,Theni 29.01.2016. J.A.C


      Essay writing:
      First Prize: R.Anusuya1 UG Zoo (Reg)
      Second Prize: A.Thaslima Banu1 UG Maths(Reg)

      verse writing:
      First Prize: M.Dharani, 111 Physics (Reg)
      Second Prize: M.Lavanya, 111 Physics (Reg)

      15.02.2016 , JAC
      14. Guest Lecture: “The necessity and awareness of the Consumer”. Mr.P.Puduraja, Head, Consumer Guidance Cell,Theni. 29.07.2016. JAC
      15. Guest Lecture: “Corrupted Commercial Business Practice”. Mr.P.Puduraja, Head, Consumer Guidance Cell ,Theni. 14.10.2016. JAC
      16. Guest Lecture: “What is GST:The New Indirect Tax GST- The new indirect taxregime’,Dr.Mrs.I.MariaJesili,AssociateProfessor of Commerce ,JAC.
      ‘Benefits of GST’, Mrs.N.LavanyaLakshmi, Assistant Professor of B.B.A ,JAC.
      ‘Multiple Rates of GST,’ Mrs.C.Kalaivani,Assistant Professor of B.Com C.A, J.A.C
      5th July 2017, JAC
      17. Guest Lecture: “The necessity and awareness of the Consumer”. Mr.P.Puduraja, Head, Consumer Guidance Cell ,Theni. 04.08.2017,J.A.C




      a.Students came to know the details of consumer rights and duties.
      b.They were created awareness about consumerism.


      a.JAC was awarded for the best consumer club award and also received case for it.
      b. Students were given certificates for Participating in district level competitions.

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