A Unit of the Sisters of St. Anne, Trichirapalli

Reaccredited III time at 'A' Grade by NAAC, with CGPA 3.36

Affiliated to Mother Teresa Womens’ University

Periyakulam – 625 601, Theni District, Tamilnadu, India.



“Not Me but You”.


Rev. Sr.S. Jothi

The NSS units of JAC are synonyms for spirited service to society. It has a long glorious history ever since the Installation of the 55th unit of Madurai Kamaraj University in JAC on 5th September, 1976. Its exemplary performance earned applause, appreciation, honours, and awards from all quarters of the society. It has 7 units monitored and steered by 7 Programme Officers who are ably assisted by a team of seven staff advisors.



  • Sr.S. Jothi
  • Dr.(Mrs.)S.Regina
  • Dr.(Mrs.) A.Jacintha Vilveena
  • Miss.T.Nithya
  • Dr.(Mrs.)M. Kalanithi
  • Dr.(Mrs.)N.M.Francis Mercy


  • To mobilize available resources to enable the youth, to become more educated and better prepared to face the national issues through national service activities to the needy.
  • To empower women graduates by providing entrepreneurial skills through community development programme within the institutional frame work executed by the well-trained programmer officers.
  • To develop a national consciousness among the youth
  • To generate social awareness among the students
  • To promote the dignity of labour among the educated
  • To strengthen the spirit of service and sacrifice in the younger generation.


The first year under graduate students who have involvement in catering to the needs of the rural community are enrolled. The number of students enrolled under each unit ranges from 90 to 100 on voluntary basis.


Syllabus is framed on the heads of the basics of NSS, such as Character formation, Social formation, Environment and Ecology, and Women and Development.
The volunteers undertake various activities in adopted villages and in college campus for community service during weekends and on sixth day of each week. Each volunteer should take part in regular activities for 120 hours per year.
Regular activities are grouped under three major headings: Orientation, Campus work and community service outside the college campus.


  • The spirit of service and love for the Nation are fostered among the N.S.S Volunteers
  • Activities to promote National Integration, rural development, small saving, environmental protection, total literacy, women empowerment, AIDS awareness, Human rights, Protection of violence against Women, Civic responsibilities, Health and Hygiene are undertaken
  • All the NSS volunteers participate in the 7 Day special camp every year.
  • The N.S.S. is included in the curriculum under Part IV as one of the subjects with a credit at the end of two-year-volunteer ship. Written tests are conducted for the volunteers to award the Internal Assessment marks.


Regular Activities – 75 Marks;

Special Camp – 25 Marks

Regular Activities :
Test 20 Marks
Orientation 10 Marks
Campus Work 10 Marks
Community Service 25 Marks
Attendance 10 Marks


  • Identified the needs and problems of the community and involved them in problem solving process
  • Developed among volunteers a sense of social and civic responsibility
  • Utilized their knowledge in finding practical solution to individual and community problems
  • Developed competence required for group living and sharing of responsibilities
  • Acquired leadership qualities and democratic attitude
  • Practiced national integration and social harmony


  • Our NSS volunteers had the singular distinction of participation in the Republic Day Parade at Rajpath in the Capital on the Republic Day celebration.
  • Dr. Sr. P. Helen Chandra, Best Programme Officer Award, 1997 – 1998.
  • Dr. B. Mallika, Best Programme Officer Award, 2002 – 2003.


  • Dr.(Mrs.)K.Sakaya Gracy
  • Miss.J.Anitha
  • Dr.(Mrs.)M.Anusha Angel
  • Miss.D.Abinaya
  • Miss. A. Anitha Mary
  • Mrs. C. Kalaivani
  • Miss. Mani Fathima Raju

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