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Periyakulam – 625 601, Theni District, Tamilnadu, India.


Jayaraj Annapackiam College, St. Anne’s Federal Assembly (JACSAFA)

Jayaraj Annapackiam College, St. Anne’s Federal Assembly is established to give exposure to the students in democratic governing skills. Student representatives are elected and appointed as the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Home, Finance, Education, Health, Sports, Environment, Women Welfare, Arts & Culture and Transport Ministers of the Youth Parliament. They are entrusted with the responsibilities related to their office.
JACSAFA aims at introducing the procedures and proceedings of the parliament at the national level to the students and thereby training them to learn and adopt the pattern and fashion in which the parliament functions.


  • Giving citizenship and leadership training.
  • Creating awareness about the council of ministers.
  • Teaching them about the electoral system.
  • Giving them training in the parliamentary procedures.
  • Motivating them to become parliamentarians.


Students’ Parliament is modeled on the Indian Parliament. JACSAFA consists of 483 members elected from all the Departments and Associations of the college. Among the 483 members, 55 from department of Home, 44 from Department of Finance, 48 from Department of Education, 47 from Department of Sports and Games, 48 from Department of Health, 49 from Department of Environment, 45 from Department of Women Welfare, 55 from Department of communication and Information, 47 from Department of Fine Arts and 45 from Department of Transport. They elect their leader of the JACSAFA. The leader is appointed as Prime-Minister by the Principal. From the Departments 10 members are selected by the Prime Minister as the cabinet Ministers, 8 Ministers as State Ministers and 7 Ministers as Deputy Ministers.
The election of the JACSAFA is conducted in the first week of July and its session is formed every year. It meets thrice in a year. The quorum of the JACSAFA is 1/10 of the total number of members, 482/10=48.


The Prime Minister is the leader of the JACSAFA and the Head of the council of ministers. It consists of 25 members among them 10 members are cabinet Ministers.
1. Home Minister
2. Finance Minister
3. Education Minister
4. Sports and Games Minister
5. Health Minister
6. Environment Minister
7. Communication & Information Minister
8. Women Welfare Minister
9. Fine Arts Minister
10. Transport Minister


  • Orientation and leadership training programme are organized at the beginning of the year.
  • The tenure of the office for the members is three years.
  • The Prime Minister and council of Ministers are responsible for the JACSAFA and to the Principal of the college.
  • At the end of every year, third year members will retire from service and in the beginning of the next academic year first year members will be elected.

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